Member Flying Rates

Member Flying Rates, Membership and Other Charges

Our flying charges are great value compared to other clubs. In addition, take advantage of our special offers…

  • Student members receive a 50% discount on aircraft hire.
  • Daily weather and pilot briefings are included.
  • In the off-peak season, the maximum glider hire time charged is 2 hours (any glider time after 2 hours is free). In the peak season, the maximum time charged is 4 hours.
    Peak season is 1 October – 31 March.

Club gliders can only be hired by members of Waikerie Gliding Club. Waikerie Gliding Club depends on voluntary contributions of time and effort by its members.  Membership will not be granted to individuals who take up membership solely to hire a glider.

Flying charges

WGC Aircraft Hire
Aircraft$/HourExperience Required
Solo Sailplanes

LS-4 ( XOK )

$3630 hours

Discus ( GHP )

$3660 hours
Two Seat Sailplanes

AS K21 ( WKI )


DUO Discus ( DDH )

$60DUO Conversion

More information about our gliders is on the Aircraft page.

Aerotow Rates

Permanent member in a club or cross-hired gliderLaunch: $7.50 per minute
Ferry or retrieve: $6.50 per minute
Permanent member in a privately owned gliderLaunch: $8.50 per minute
Ferry or retrieve: $6.50 per minute
Non-memberLaunch: $8.50 per minute
Ferry or retrieve: $7.50 per minute

Aerotow retrieves: Only pilots who are appropriately rated will be retrieved from non airstrips. If necessary, we can send an experienced pilot to the paddock by car.

Membership Fees

Everyone flying with the Waikerie Gliding Club must be a Club member. Due to our insurance arrangements, visitors are not allowed to fly solo in any aircraft.

Other Charges

Check Rides: All pilots new to Waikerie Gliding Club, or who are not current, will require a check flight.
Hangarage Fees: Space permitting, $20 per week or part thereof, or $365 per year.
GFA membership fees: All pilots flying gliders in Australia are required to be members of the Australian Gliding Federation. Short term GFA membership can be arranged if required. Please advise when booking if you require it.

Personal Insurance

All sporting activities can be dangerous. If you wish to cover for personal insurance we suggest you contact your insurer.

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