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The Waikerie club fleet is comprised of the ASK-21 WKI, the LS-4a XOK, the Discus b GHP and the Duo Discuss DDH. The Duo Discuss DDH is fitted with an LXNAV S100. On flying days, the club fleet is joined by club members in their privately owned aircraft which include an  AS33E, Hph304 ‘Shark’, Astir 77, one Kestrel 17, ASH31Mi, LS4a Top, ASH25M two Arcus M, DG500M Elan, ASW20 Top, ASW20F, Dimona, Diamant, and JS1 BTJ. Occasionally, we are entertained by the appearance of the self-launching jet-powered ASW-20. (Note: These privately owned aircraft are not available for hire)

All our club gliders have:

  • Soaring instruments – the LS4 and Discus are fitted with LXNAV LX8000 glide computers. The ASK21 has an LX16 vario.
  • XCOM VHF air band radio and FLARM
  • Basic flying instruments – airspeed indicator, altimeter, compass
  • Ground handling gear, canopy cover

Our fleet allows for pilots of any experience level

Alexander Schleicher K-21: VH-WKI

The AS K21 is a pleasant glider to fly. It is good for training and cross country flight, and is fully aerobatic. While not an all-out performance glider, it is one that people enjoy flying. The glider’s systems are relatively simple: fixed undercarriage, no water ballast. A spin kit is available for spin training and check flights.

This sailplane was purchased from another club in 2008. In 2012 it received a major re-finish and re-furbishment, and it’s in excellent condition.

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Rolladen Schneider LS-4a: VH-XOK

Rolladen Schneider LS-4a: VH-XOK
Rolladen Schneider LS-4a: VH-XOK

The LS4a is a forgiving glider, with a large comfortable cockpit. First built in 1981, the LS4a consolidated Rolladen-Schneider’s reputation for well rounded sailplanes that are easy to fly and top performers, being docile enough for beginners with a performance only slightly below the latest standard class sailplanes. The continued demand for the type may result in the LS4 being put back into production by the Slovenian manufacturer AMS-Flight.

Our tug is a Piper Pawnee, and with its 250hp engine it is capable of launching even the heaviest gliders under most conditions.

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Schempp – Hirth Discus b: VH-GHP

Schempp – Hirth Discus b: VH-GHP
Schempp – Hirth Discus b: VH-GHP

Discus b HP is a very easy to fly glider with very good performance return. Most pilots feel very much at ease in this glider knowing there is ample performance to assist all skill level pilots with their flying.

The Discus can be flown with a very light wing loading or a very heavy one. Its wing loading range is wider than almost any other glider. This sailplane was placed 5th in the 25th Australian Nationals at Gawler in January 1986. HP represented Australia in the 20th World Competitions at Benalla, Victoria in January 1987. It also placed third in the Austraglide competition at Benalla in January 1986.

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Schempp-Hirth Duo-Discuss

Schempp-Hirth Duo-Discuss
Schempp-Hirth Duo-Discuss

The Schempp-Hirth “Duo-Discus” sailplane is a tandem two-seat sailplane of glass and carbon fibre construction, with a fixed horizontal stabilizer and elevator in a “T” tail configuration. The elevator Trim control! consists of adjustable springs within the elevator control circuit.

The wing is a four stage trapezoid in plan view, with double-panel airbrakes on the upper surface and internal pushrod driven ailerons. The wings contain integral water ballast tanks with a total capacity of 198 litres.

The fuselage supports the large, single piece canopy which is hinged sideways.

The main wheel, which is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake, is retractable, while the nose and tail wheels are fixed. The main wheel is retracted and extended from the front seat. It is not possible to lock the undercarriage from the rear seat. The main wheel brake is operated by a lever on each Control Column or at the full extension of the airbrakes.

All of the control circuits are automatically hooked up when the sailplane is rigged.

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