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You can learn to fly at Waikerie Gliding Club by joining as a member and flying with our instructors on nominated flying weekends (see Events Calendar). You will also need to become a member of the Gliding Federation of Australia. ( We can cater for low hour pilots, experienced glider pilots who want to make long cross-country flights, and anyone in between.

Air Experience Flights

Get ready to experience the thrill of soaring like an eagle with our Gliding joy flights. Under the able command of our qualified/ experienced pilots, you will not only discover the excitement and the joy of flying but also how easy flying can be. Gliding can be an awesome and stimulating adventure for all ages. One can never be too young to fly. Come give it a try and decide for yourself.

A booking of air experience flight will get you half hour in our dual seated gliders that has one seat behind the other. You will be in the front, thus enjoying the best visibility. In the allotted half an hour, you will be able to learn the basics and try a manoeuvre or two by yourself, of course under the instructions of your pilot. Don’t worry the pilot can take back control of the glider at any time to make sure that the flight is carried out safely.

Whether you want to experience a relaxed flight enjoying the sights, calmly from the cockpit or get a taste of aerobatics – the club has something for everyone. Right from first try out to challenging competitions for experienced gliders. We operate from one of the best gliding sites in Australia which is world-renowned for its fantastic soaring conditions.

Click here to know more about our latest news and gliding experience. Book a flight with us right now and see how easy it is to Glide.

Instructional flight options

Recommended things to prepare yourself

  • A pilot log book to record your flight activity and training progress.
  • Lunch
  • bottled water or a camel back
  • comfortable footwear and clothing (long sleeved shirts are great to protect from the sun)
  • Sun hat or cap, Bucket Hat (recommended)

Immediate Post Solo Course

Once you have achieved a solo standard of flying, we can help you gain the experience required to fly cross-country. Specialized courses at particular times through the year cater exclusively for pilots in this category. Minimum requirement is at least one solo flight . You would realistically expect to complete your Australian ‘C’ Certificate in this course. Contact us for further information.

Basic Cross-Country Course

Once you have achieved your Australian ‘C’ certificate it is now time to open the door to cross-country flight. This is a major step in gliding and literally the world is at your feet. This specialized course is run during the soaring season as numbers demand.

Cross Country Flying

Many pilots enjoy cross-country flight. We have the know-how to get you there. Our instructors can train you from the basics to the advanced in cross-country flight.


Dual flight with an accomplished cross-country pilot can be arranged to help coach and assist you in this area. “Lead and follow” in solo gliders is also available by arrangement.

Gliding Lessons

Having tried out our Air Experience flight once, it’s very difficult not to want to glide again. So if you have decided to learn to Glide, then the Waikerie Gliding Club is the right place to be.
To start off, you will need to become a member of our club and also the Gliding Federation of Australia. As a member of our club, you will be able to take advantage of our experienced instructors, who will guide you systematically and safely and at the same time ensure that you have a lot of fun.

Like any other skill, learning to fly a glider requires dedication, discipline, perseverance and time. Your progress will depend on your efforts and regularity. Development of certain skills, along with making good judgement calls about safety will be very essential to become a successful glider.
These are some of the fundamentals that you will be learning depending on the level of the course you undertake

  • Orientation flights introducing the different sights and sounds that will be encountered and demonstrating the third dimension.
  • The limitations of human vision. How to develop Lookout awareness.
  • How to handle the glider on the ground, launch procedure and signals.
  • Pre-take-off checks. ABCD and CHAOTIC.
  • Orientation in flight, working of controls and the effects of banking.
  • Aileron drag and rudder co-ordination.
  • Take-off.
  • Circuit joining and planning.
  • Thermal entry.
  • Lookout procedures in turning and level flight.
  • Straight flight at various speeds and trimming the glider.
  • Pre-landing checks.
  • Slow flight and stalling.
  • Launch and release procedures.
  • Radio and FLARM use.
  • Soaring with other gliders.
  • Landing approach and landing.
  • Spinning.
  • Crosswind take-offs and landings.
  • Launch emergencies.
  • Rules of the air.
  • Human factors.
  • Threat and error management.

You will be able to learn all this and much more with our instructors. The club believes in hands-on approach and one to one training so that you acquire valuable skills as you learn and experience the joys of gliding. This is a start of your greatest journey in sky where you will move from two-seater glider to a single seater, soaring with the eagles.

Air Experience Flight Terms & Conditions

  • The AEFs are a 20min flight.
  • Based on the weather conditions the flights are available all through the year. If the forecasted temperature exceeds 36*C, or if there are strong winds and / or heavy rains indicated, we may choose not to fly. Before starting for the airfield, we request you to call us at
    0429 413 570 to confirm your flight.
  • The legal maximum glider harnessing weight for passenger is 110Kg; which cannot be exceeded.
  • You will be required to sign a personal health declaration and disclaimer before starting the flight.
  • Parental or Guardian consent is compulsory for the passengers below 18 years of age. In case the Parent or the Guardian is not accompanying the passenger to the airfield on that day, then a consent note could be emailed to
  • Hangarage facility will be offered to members, subject to availability of space. This facility will not be offered to visitors.
  • If due to the weather conditions or other safety precautions, the duration of the flight is cut very short, a second flight may be offered to the same passenger free of cost. This is solely based on the discretion of the club.
  • Passengers can request for extension of the duration of the flight. Such a request may be accepted subject to the weather conditions, availability of the glider / instructor – at the discretion of the instructor. The charges are $1 per minute and the payment to be settled before departing the airfield. Flight extensions cannot be booked in advance.
  • All prices in Australian Dollars and include 10% GST. The club reserves the right to change prices without notice.
  • There will be no refunds, however passenger can request change of dates. Acceptance of such requests is solely at the discretion of the club.
  • Feel free to call us at 0429 413 570 or email us for any further details or clarifications.

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