Our Aircraft

The Waikerie club fleet is comprised of the ASK-21  WKI, the LS-4a XOK and the Discus b GHP.  Our recent addition, which will be on-line in the near future is the recently refurbished Duo Discus DDH.  On flying days, the club fleet is joined by club members in their privately owned aircraft which include an ASW-29E, Hph304 ‘Shark’, Astir 77, two Kestrel 19, ASH31Mi, LS4a Top, two Arcus M, DG500 Elan, ASW20F and LS3 Top. Occasionally, we are entertained by the appearance of the self-launching jet-powered ASW-20. (Note: These privately owned aircraft are not available for hire)


All our club gliders have:

  • Soaring instruments – the LS4 and Discus are fitted with LXNAV LX8000 glide computers. The ASK21 has an LX16 vario.
  • XCOM VHF air band radio and FLARM
  • Basic flying instruments – airspeed indicator, altimeter, compass
  • Ground handling gear, canopy cover

Our fleet allows for pilots of any experience level


The club’s AS K21 was completely refurbished in 2011 with a full re-paint to a flawless finish. It received new instruments and a completely renovated cockpit. This is the glider that our new pilots fly until they go solo. It is also used for check flights, cross country, advanced training and aerobatic manoeuvres.

Current image is ls4ws.jpgClicking here will display multiclass10

The first single seater our students fly is the LS-4. This glider is also suitable for early cross country flights, and then new pilots can move on to the more advanced single seaters. Experience requirements for our gliders are on the Sailplane hire page.

Cross country pilots will appreciate the Discus b and the LS-4a.  All have impressive performance and all can carry full water ballast.


Our tug is a Piper Pawnee, and with its 250hp engine it is capable of launching even the heaviest gliders under most conditions.