Thursday the 21st of October

October 27, 2021

Thursday the 21st of October

After I finished everything in Adelaide on Wednesday, I decided to head over to Waikerie as the conditions on Thursday looked promising, with the day starting around 1:30 in the afternoon going to 4500 under CU with the promise of 7 1/2 thousand feet Under CU later in the day.

launching to the north of the field I released at 2500 heading back to where I thought the lift was, to no avail, descending to 1600ft I found a week thermal scratching and maintaining 1700 I slowly climbed until I found the core, the winds were around 4 knots aloft.

After reaching 3000 I knew I was away, with no plan in mind I proceeded to remain close to the airfield until the day started working around 45 minutes later where I picked at 5000ft climb and headed north hunting around looking for that elusive lift.

I return back to the thermal that proved reliable getting me back to 5000 again as I practiced honing my centring skills and spending 3 hours and 13 minutes in the air with a high point of 6300 feet. a very pleasant flight indeed. OLC

Finishing up with a Makers Mark, Lorraine and Steve.

Rod vdB

Good Friends and Good Times

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