84th AGM 2021

May 23, 2021

84th AGM 2021

Saturday the the 22nd of May commenced with a flight briefing at 10:30 a.m. followed by organising the ASK-21 for some training flights with Wayne and Patrick, together with the Duo and the Discus. Art strapped himself in Hotel Papa and Moss Potter and Peter Robinson launched The Duo, Allen taking times and running wings with Bill, the lift was going to around 4000 and conditions we’re perfect for Wayne and Patrick in the twin.

At around 3pm everything was tucked away in the hangar safe and sound, followed by the traditional congregation around the bar for refreshments and nibbles followed by and the 84th AGM that commenced at 1600 sharp.

After around 1hr the meeting concluded, Nigel and Heather Baker had prepared pre dinners of homemade pizza and nachos which Craig had collected and delivered, this was a huge hit leading up to the main course, a traditional butter chicken served with jasmine rice and a garlic naan with plenty for everyone.

A quick presentation was made following the development of our new website which you all may have noticed went live a couple of weeks ago. Members passwords will be provided this week via email so look out for that one.

19:30 marked the time for the awards and presentations, a number of people had submitted claims for various trophies, the first being the Claude Sarre Trophy, this year presented to Rodney van den Brink for a maximum altitude gained of 13274 ft Rodney descended to 1010 ft over the airfield on a strong day and reached a high point of 14284 ft in search of shear wave although that Diamond is still up for grabs..

The second, again was presented to Rodney being the Terk Bayly Award, handed over by Bill & Art Hohmann representing the longest distance flight by a club member with less than 500 hours experience. Rodney flew the FAI 303 km’s from Waikerie to Peebinga to Lindsay river and return.

And the third and final trophy that was awarded this year, yet again went to Rodney in which he proudly received the Martin Snailplane award being the slowest badge flight by a club member, Rodney successfully obtained his Gold C and managed a top speed of 6 knots slower than the stall speed of his Astir, with an overall speed of 57.65 km per hour.

The wine flowed and celebrations were to be had, The bonfire was lit as we gathered and enjoyed the ambience that only a bonfire can provide.

“Good Times”

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