Easter 2021 AAT

Easter weekend club Assigned Area Task (AAT)

Overall a great weekend to be had by all, 9 Gliders tasked over 3 days Friday, Saturday and Sunday. with Patrick in XX, Craig in VNL, Bill commanding the Duo DDH with John in the back, Haidyn in LPI, XOK piloted by Adam and HP the Discus piloted by Sid, ZZ with David, NBE with Bernard, IKS with Rod

IKS was in Marks workshop having its Form 2 completed and Rod Joined Bill on day 2 in the Duo.

The first time Rodney had ever competed in anything flying, was on day 3 with 110.9km covered nicking the min circular areas around the handicapped turn points along the way.

Many thanks to Craig who prepared his traditional Spanish paella on day 3 and the two Lyn’s essentially catering for the event and running wings, Lloyd for towing, Shirley for her traditional Lasagne and Rod for making sure the bar was appropriately stocked.

The leader board for the top 5 that flew all 3 days as follows

1. Craig VNL 2962 Points (congratulations on 1st position) 115kph
2. Patrick XX 2886 Points
3. Haidyn LPI 2823 Points
4. Bill DDH 2429 Points
5. Sid HP 1691 Points (missing 1 day)

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