6th August 2021

August 15, 2021

6th August 2021

Finally after more than a month of bad weather prohibitive to squeeze between clouds and terrain, I managed to find the gap on Friday the 6th of August and touchdown at Waikerie late in the afternoon which was the beginning of a week-long respite from the big smoke.

The next day was spent settling in and juggling responsibilities remotely via team view, I also managed to fire up IKS, removing the winter covers checking the avionics and moving the Astir to the front of the hanger topping up the tyre pressures and updating the firmware for the LXNAV Flarm, checking the Flarm’s Range Analyzer (for the correct antenna installation) and updating firmware for the Oudie and planning with skysight, all in preparation for the Waikerie gliding clubs winter trophy challenge.

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