Learn to Fly

You can learn to fly at Waikerie Gliding Club by joining as a member and flying with our instructors on nominated flying weekends (see Events Calendar). You will also need to become a member of the Gliding Federation of Australia. (www.gfa.org.au). We can cater for low hour pilots, experienced glider pilots who want to make long cross-country flights, and anyone in between.

Ready to fly

Air Experience Flights

An Air Experience Flight is a great way to “try out” gliding. Of course, you can also treat it as a scenic ride – sit back and enjoy the peace and the magnificent panoramic views. Warning: these flights can start you on a journey for life!

This flight is made as a ‘Trial Instructional Flight’ which allows you to try your hand at the controls if you wish. All flights are made with our qualified instructors.

Sorry, but we cannot fly with passengers who weigh more than 110 kg. It’s a limitation of many small aircraft, not just gliders.

Go to our Air Experience Flights page for more information.

Immediate Post Solo Course

Once you have achieved a solo standard of flying, we can help you gain the experience required to fly cross-country. Specialized courses at particular times through the year cater exclusively for pilots in this category. Minimum requirement is at least one solo flight . You would realistically expect to complete your Australian ‘C’ Certificate in this course. Contact us for further information.

Basic Cross-Country Course

Once you have achieved your Australian ‘C’ certificate it is now time to open the door to cross-country flight. This is a major step in gliding and literally the world is at your feet. This specialized course is run during the soaring season as numbers demand.


Cross Country Flying

Many pilots enjoy cross-country flight. We have the know-how to get you there. Our instructors can train you from the basics to the advanced in cross-country flight.


Dual flight with an accomplished cross-country pilot can be arranged to help coach and assist you in this area. “Lead and follow” in solo gliders is also available by arrangement.