Club Documents

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1.Recent Notices
President's Report at AGM, May 2015
President's Report at AGM, May 2014
Club Constitution14/05/2011Sec
2.WGC Members’ Handbook
Cover page, list of contents, change history26/05/2012Sec
Part 1 General Membership Information1/05/2011Com
Part 2 Club Appointments and Charges13/06/2014Com
Part 3 Operating Rules and Procedures (Draft)8/05/2011Com
Part 4 Club Constitution14/05/2011Mem
Part 5 Club Regulations and Procedures, Cover Page1/05/2011Com
Membership Regulation09/12/2011Com
Portfolio Regulation1/05/2011Com
Self-Insurance Regulation1/05/2011Com
Glider Allocation Procedure1/05/2011Com
3General Flying and Airfield
WGC Aerotow Manual2/4/2017Tugmaster
4Aircraft specific
5Facilities, Maintenance and Housekeeping