Club Documents

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1.Recent Notices
President's Report 2019-2020
President's Report at AGM, May 2019
President's Report at AGM, May 2018
President's Report at AGM, May 2017
President's Report at AGM, May 2016
President's Report at AGM, May 2015
President's Report at AGM, May 2014
Club Constitution14/05/2011Sec
2.WGC Members’ Handbook
Cover page, list of contents, change history26/05/2012Sec
Part 1 General Membership Information1/05/2011Com
Part 2 Club Appointments and Charges30/09/2019Com
Part 3 Operating Rules and Procedures (Draft)8/05/2011Com
Part 4 Club Constitution14/05/2011Mem
Part 5 Club Regulations and Procedures, Cover Page1/05/2011Com
Membership Regulation30/09/2019Com
Portfolio Regulation1/05/2011Com
Self-Insurance Regulation1/05/2011Com
Glider Allocation Procedure1/05/2011Com
3General Flying and Airfield
WGC Aerotow Manual2/4/2017Tugmaster
Information for Visiting Pilots27/4/2017Com
Notes on Use of FLARM30/4/2017Com
Outlanding Advice for Aerotow Retrieve30/4/2017Com
4Aircraft specific
ASK 21 Information for Pilots27/4/2017Com
LS-4 Information for Pilots30/4/2017Com
LS-7 Information for Pilots30/4/2017Com
5Club Trophies
Club trophies26/4/2017Com
Trophy Claim Form26/4/2017Com
6Facilities, Maintenance and Housekeeping