Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

You should have been there.

The phone went at 13.00. “Are you looking out to the north west?” It was Brocky.

“Yes I can see’em. I’ll get back to you a bit later”.

Later came and on the way back up to the airfield I rang Brocky, “Are you free this afternoon? I’m on my way up to the hangar.”

We launched into a reasonable norwesterly at 14.10 with the plan just to motor out northwest until we contacted wave.

Made a few turns in some of the better thermal lift on the way as I felt we were not going to be at a good height when arriving at location. Also didn’t want to stop to climb too much as all we would be doing is going away from where we wanted to be.

Cloud base was about 4500 but I really wasn’t taking much notice of that. We motored on norwest heading toward a good looking formation about over the Golf Club.

Among the wave cloud

In the wave

At about 6,500 I contacted reasonable lift and nosed a bit more north, shut down the “wanger”, then moved back and forth looking for the strongest lift.

It wasn’t very strong, best at 4kts but mostly 1 to 2kts. It took a bit of chasing as it was really thermal shear that stood up as the clouds came under the wave line above. There were about three levels of lennies about the place but they appeared and disappeared constantly as if being fed by the cloud streets beneath.

We did a lot of searching about as things shifted and moved with the ever changing conditions. Eventually we found our way up over Bungonia Station north of Morgan at 9,500ft (yes and Brocky made 9,800!!).



The wave frequency was very shallow and you could glide into wind a long way in zero to minimal lift but it really only made 1.5 to 2 kts or better when a cu street line came under the wave line. You could see the cu turn smooth on top then a lennie line form above, it stayed for awhile then dissipated as the cloud line moved easterly.

As the day started to shut down with the ever increasing overhead cloud we started to venture south looking at the smooth top cu’s for that next white ridge ride. Unfortunately that never eventuated and so we let down below cloud over Cadell and headed for home. Two hours twenty air time, just a nice afternoon. Can’t wait for the wave season proper to arrive!!

Mark Morgan

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