Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Working Bee

Thanks to those who attended the Working Bee on Saturday – Greg Jackson, Mark Morgan, Peter Paine, Ron Brock, Graham Francis, Allen Hudson, Grant Hudson, Craig Vinall, Bill Mudge, David Lawley, Tony Edge and Mark Mortimer.

Several important jobs were completed – David Lawley tidied up the wiring to the Data Projector and Wireless Access point, Greg laid half the carpet in one of the Dormitories, Allen Hudson put a new jack on the Pie-Cart, Graham Francis repaired some doors, Mark worked on the water points for the National comps, bill Mudge tidied the main hangar, Pete Paine tidied the Igloo and filled some holes in the main hangar floor and Ron Brock sprayed the weeds.

A few beers and a meal prepared by Grant topped off a good day’s work.

John Hudson

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