Monday, December 8th, 2008

What an outstanding flying day.


John Ridge didn’t mention that he went solo today (again after a long break). Congratulations John. Let us all know what it was like. But wait there is more. Jim Townsend also went solo in a glider. He has many power hours; so really a second solo also.

A red letter day at Waikerie by any standard.

Also we have two new members; Mark Mortimer and Tony Edge. Both are members at ASC but are interested in trying the famous Waikerie conditions. Tony was sent solo fist in the ASk21 and then in the LS4. He said he had achieved more than he had expected. Mark had two flights in the Duo. First with Peter Robinson and then an extended cross country training flight with me. The conditions were very unstable; just fantastic flying conditions.

After a check flight in the ASK21 Graham Francis had an extended flight in the Duo with me (I didn’t have to do a thing!). He then had a flight in the LS4.

In fact the LS4 was kept very busy; first Dave Lawley, then Tony Edge, then Ray Lawley and finally Graham.

Pete Paine did two laps around the Maggea Kingston 100 km triangle; last lap in 1hour 5min. In fact, for the last three weekends there has been a group of us doing an AAT using this task. There have been some good speeds and fairly close racing on these days. Everyone should join in.

I was able to get an hour or so in the ASG29 for a quick race around the 100k triangle. I also spent Friday and Saturday with Mark in the workshop attending to a few minor chores and think I’ve now got the 29 almost sorted. Great weekend for me.

Thanks so much to Peter Robinson (Inst) and Greg Jackson (tows); it was an outstanding day for many people!

You should have been there!  Regards, Craig Vinall

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