Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Weekend of 8,9 November

Not a bad weekend! Not “huge” but pleasant. Anyone who wanted to fly was able to do it.

On Saturday, Peter Paine took first launch, testing the LS-7 after its annual maintenance. It went well enough to stay up for 46 minutes. Jim Townsend and Lockie Willing came up to try gliding. It was Lockie’s first time in a glider, but he enjoyed flying with John in the K21 for over an hour in thermals and with other gliders. John Ridge had a couple of training flights. Craig Vinall and Graham Parker each flew their ASG29s. Longest flight was Peter Paine from his second launch in the LS-7. Total of 12 launches.

On Sunday, first launch was John who flew the K21 for nearly an hour. Later, with John instructing and Tim Laidler in the tug, Jim T was back for six more training flights. Craig, Greg, Pete P, and Dave L all took single seater flights, each getting between 1 and 3.5 hours. Longest flight was Pete Paine again. (It’s OK Pete, we like you to fly.) Total of 13 launches.

Today (Tuesday) felt like summer in the Riverland, with 34 or 37 degrees. Summer’s coming 🙂

Pete S

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