Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

Weekend 26, 27 April

Following the invitation from WGC, a number of Balaklava Gliding Club members visited Waikerie during the weekend 26th and 27th of April – despite the forecast change in the weather to wet and windy conditions.

It was great to see Dene and Jean Newton, Judy and Peter Goodale, Steve Shuck, John Bradbury, Ulrich, Jess and Colin Stauss, Tim Lacey, Merv Lindner, Tom Yeatman, Dean Hill, Wal Mayger, Andrew Horton, Roger Cox and Peter Oldfield at Waikerie.

Andrew Horton towed a BGC AS K21 to Waikerie – and after rigging this a Morning Briefing was held to update the BGC members on the operations at Waikerie and to brief pilots on the various gliders to be flown. With the cloud thickening in the west, flying operations got underway with Peter Siddall in the Tug.

Dene Newton flew first in the Duo-Discus, enjoying a flight of 24 minutes.
Ulrich Stauss had 21 minutes in the LS-7, Colin Stauss 12 minutes in the Discus and Peter Oldfield and Peter Goodale had flights of 8 and 16 minutes respectively in the Duo-Discus – before the squally wind and rain arrived at around 1400 Hrs. This resulted in a quick departure back to the Hangar and, unfortunately, a cessation of the days flying activities, as some BGC members who were visiting for the day were unable to fly.

Peter Robinson took a high tow to the north but couldn’t escape the showers. Grant Hudson visited for the day and updated all the Club’s Flarms.

This allowed a visit to Allen Hudson’s hangar to see the AS W20 conversion to jet engine power. This project is now well advanced with most approvals in place. It is expected testing will be able to begin in late May or early July to enable the first flight soon after. A look was also taken at Allen’s Glassair 2 light sport aircraft before we ventured to the Bar.

Jean Hudson provided Dinner on Saturday evening.

Rain during Saturday night didn’t give much hope for flying on Sunday, however after a short break, the gliders were DI’d and prepared. Greg Jackson was the Tug Pilot for the day.
Dean Hill, Tom Yeatman, Merv Lindner and Jess Stauss had flights in the Duo-Discus of 17, 17, 14 and 24 minutes respectively. Colin Stauss flew the LS-4 and LS-7 with flights of 35 and 43 minutes respectively, Andrew Horton flew the LS-7 and LS-4 for 23 and 15 minutes, Peter Goodale flew the LS-7 for 9 minutes and Ulrich flew the LS-4 for 17 minutes. Then the weather looked threatening and flying operations were abandoned.

After the gliders were put away, the BGC members departed for home and Greg Jackson departed Waikerie for Parafield in the Pawnee.

All in all, despite the weather, an enjoyable weekend at Waikerie where it was possible for the BGC members to experience some different sailplanes in a different flying environment.

Thanks to the WGC members who supported the weekend – Pete Siddall, Greg Jackson, Peter Paine and Peter Robinson.

On behalf of the Waikerie Gliding Club, I expressed our thanks for making the effort to visit Waikerie.

John Hudson

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