Monday, December 31st, 2007

Waikerie Happenings

Sunday 30th December 2007 was forecast another hot day in the Riverland – and seemingly most other parts of South Australia. A temp trace flight revealed a low level inversion requiring temperatures into the high 30s to break, but with the possibility of another good day. A 3 hour AAT task – Waikerie, Lake Culleraine (50 km circle)- Alawoona (30 km circle) and return to Waikerie was set, with the first launch scheduled for 1300 Hrs.

A high cirrus cover slowed heating, with the first comp launch delayed until 1417 Hrs. The task time was reduced to 2.5 hours. Again there was some high climbs – with several reports of 13,000- 14,000 feet. Keith Willis had a lay-day – caught up on some sleep.Peter Paine flew nearly another 300Km.Dion Baker in the 40 year old Diamant GUV achieved his Gold C height and again went touring. Kim Zeppel from the Renmark Club had his first flight in a fibre-glass machine. It was another good day – but hot for those on the ground. John Hudson

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