Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Uvalde 32nd WGC Texas update

Well it is the end of day 10 and we have another 3000 points up for grabs did I get that quote from Top Gun ? The Ozzies are doing PB’s every day and the best of the best are here doing battle in the sky’s over ┬áthe Texas southern plains. Today’s result in the 18M is outstanding..

1. 4D David Jansen AUS ASG-29-18 14:11:35 17:45:17 03:33:42 141.2km/h 502.9km 1000
2. UJ Uys Jonker RSA JS1-B 14:46:07 18:23:35 03:37:28 138.9km/h 503.5km 968
3. F1 David Springford CAN ASG-29-18 14:47:10 18:23:09 03:35:59 138.5km/h 498.7km 962

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Greg Jackson

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