Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Two new sailplanes in the Waikerie sky

Yesterday, Sunday 31 August 2008 saw two “new” sailplanes in the sky at Waikerie, the Club’s AS K21 – VH-WKI – and Craig’s new AS G29 – VH-VNL (the rego almost says Vinall doesn’t it).

While the weather wasn’t the best – a strong westerly wind straight down runway 26 and a cloud base of approx 4000 feet – the two sailplanes were test flown. more photos

I had the pleasure of test flying the ’21 and Craig test flew his new ship. The AS K21 was as I expected, nice to fly and easy to ground handle.

It was great to see a good number of members there to also fly the ’21, with Peter Robinson, Nigel Baker, Craig Vinall, John Ridge, Cath Conway, Graham Francis, David Lawley and Bill Mudge – all taking the opportunity to fly WKI have a check-flight, etc.

AS G29After a few sedate flights, Pete Robo and Craig ventured aloft in the ’21 to get some air-to-air photo’s of Mark (Morgan) in the AS G29. More flights followed, later including some aerobatics.

Perhaps Craig can give us his views on the AS K21 and even better, the AS 29.

For the Club, the arrival and first flight of the AS K21 brings to a close the planned “fleet upgrade” programme.

The support (and patience) of the membership throughout the period of this exercise is greatly appreciated. We can now focus on “flying the wings off” a great fleet of sailplanes. To those who have assisted (in many and varied ways), thanks for your help and participation – I hope you have enjoyed the ride as much as I have.

Now for the fun and “Here’s to some great gliding”,

John Hudson

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