Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Twin Astir Replacement

On 18th February, we announced that the Club’s Twin Astir sailplanes had been sold and that the availability of an AS K21 was being pursued.

AS K-21

What appears to be a suitable sailplane has been identified at a Club in Germany – an AS K21 – WE – with 3260 hours TTIS and 5210 launches. This sailplane has basic instruments (less ASI’s, Alt’s) and a price of Euro 49,400. This price is without a trailer to take advantage of the generous offer from Craig Vinall to ship the ASK21 in his ASG29 container (only accommodates 1 trailer).

The German Club which owned this sailplane had intended to offer it for sale later in the year when they expect delivery of a new DG1000. At their recent AGM, they agreed to release this glider early.

As indicated earlier, our purchase is subject to an on-site inspection. Arrangements are now being made for this inspection to take place. Arrangements are also being made to reserve a suitable registration and for the conduct of a C of A inspection for the issue of an Australian C of A.

Assuming the onsite inspection is satisfactory the ASK21 will arrive in Waikerie around Mid July. Offers of assistance to build a trailer before the arrival of the sailplane will be appreciated.

We will keep you advised of developments.

John Hudson

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