Monday, December 8th, 2008

Sunday 8th December 08

I know this was published on the chat list but I thought it would be good to include todays posts for future reference. Jet

Hi All,

Today at Waikerie we did 24 launches, 2 people went solo, 2 conversion’s to the LS4 and 2 first flights in the Duo Discus.

The weather was 25 degrees with strong climbs to 5,500ft and lift everywhere making circuit training a challenge.

Tony Edge and Mark Mortimer who had previously flown at Adelaide Soaring club have joined Waikerie – please introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.

Tony was converted to the LS4 whilst Mark had two flights in the Duo Discus – one of which with Craig for a quick cross country flight to Kingston and return.

Graham Francis had his annual check flight in the ASK21 followed by his first flight in the Duo Discus with Craig. Graham was then converted to the LS4 and enjoyed an hour local flight.

David and Ray Lawley both had flights in the LS4 and Pete Paine did two 100km triangles in the Discus.

Jim Townsend another new member with 3000hrs power experience went solo in the Ask21 after learning that his son’s wife had just had a baby. Jim has intentions to gain his tow plane endorsement and do some towing for us in the near future.

Craig flew the 122km triangle at 120km/hr in his ASG29e.

John Ridge went solo in the ASK21 after some launch emergencies, instrument covered flights and a some other interesting challenges. John’s solo flight was a 2 hour flight.

The last conversion for the day was me to the ASG29e after sitting all day in the back seat of the ASK21 and Duo.

I launched about 5pm being the last launch for the today with a tow to 2300ft after passing up some strong lift at 900ft. I struggled to get away as the Southerly wind picked up breaking up the thermals down low. I went from 1000ft to 1500ft twice in 1 to 2kts and then back down to 700ft ready to join circuit (and humiliation of failing to get away in the ASG29) when I found a 4kt thermal. I put the ASG29 into 45 to 50 degree bank and a bit of top rudder to hold it in and up we went. The ASG29 is beautifully co-ordinated with no tendency of a wing drop banked right over. The thermal got stronger and topped out at 5000ft.

Time to check out the cruise mode – Pushing the stick forward slightly and moving into full negative flap the glider accelerates to 110kts with maybe only 5 degrees change in attitude with a very flat glide. The next step from 110 to 145Kts requires a noticeable change in attitude but there is hardly any noise in the cockpit.

Pulling up from 145kts the glider just keeps climbing and the speed takes ages to wash off easily gaining 500ft. A couple of more just to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming on the first one – no it feels amazing how it just keeps climbing.

Next I get a phone call from Craig as he was driving back to Adelaide to see how I was going and if I had looped it yet, to which I replied of course.

I had done 3 loops pulling around 3G’s with Greg commenting from the ground on how far the wings bend, well it looked even better from the cockpit.

The last test being the final glide and low level finish across the airfield – well let’s just say that it now knows what it feels like to do a real finish!!

Overall an amazing glider – maybe Santa will bring me one for XMAS.

Thanks to Greg Jackson for towing all day.

Cheers Peter Robinson

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