Friday, January 4th, 2013

South Australian state competition Day 7

Well the results were read out by the comps director John Hudson at the presentation dinner. The winners and scores were kept under wraps until after dinner and the excitement and anxiety rose as the evening came to its climax.

The winners are Terry Cubley Open Class, Matthew Scutter Standard Class and Greg Jackson Club Class. Some notable items are worth a mention; Grant Hudson won the day in Standard class in his LS4 at an amazing 118 kph, Wki Peebinga Taplan East Lake Cullulleraine Wki triangle. Open did the same task but it was a 3 hour AAT won by Craig Vinall. Club class task was Peebinga Lindsay River Wki as a 3 hour AAT.

Many complimentary comments have been received in regard to the accuracy of the weather predictions and the equally challenging tasks so well done to Peter Robertson and Craig Vinall  and the assistance they had each day  from the pilot input. The scoring system at this state comp was very professionaly done: John Ridge would coordinate with the scorer each day. Mandy & Peter Temple have putting together a good looking SAGA site that will be used by future state competition organisers. Thanks to the Waikerie organising committee and we look forward to the Club Class Nationals at Waikerie next year; starting on the 1st of January 2014 with a practise day.

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