Friday, January 9th, 2009

Scores after day 4

There’s been some difficulty with scoring, but here are the results after four flying days:

Aggregate scores up to end 8 Jan 09:
Terry Cubley 4000
Haidyn Dunn 3203
Bjorn Rechinger 3179
Nigel Zimmerman 2848
Andrew Horton 2829
Greg Jackson 2759
Craig Vinall 2735
Pete Robbo 2688
Anne Philcox 2193
Day 4 scores, 8 Jan 09
Terry Cubley 1000
Andrew Horton 870
Nigel Zimmerman 863.5
Haidyn Dunn 861.9
Bjorn Rechinger 846.9
Pete Robbo 799.6
Greg Jackson 778.6
Anne Philcox 617.6
Craig Vinall 371

Craig was first home yesterday, a band of cirrus got him and he had to use his motor. Today there’s light cirrus early on, so it’s something to watch.

They’re expecting a late start today, with thermals up to 5000 although starting late, and light winds. It’s a 2 hour AAT task, with distances of 90 to 234 km. Waikerie – Notts Well tower – Loxton wheat bunker – Waikerie.

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