Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Saturday 6 November

For the record we set a task of WGC – Peebinga – Lindsay River – WGC for a 300km triangle. There were 7 single seaters flying plus Mudgey instructing in the ASK21. Craig went around at 125kph in the ASG29, Robbo went round at 115 kph in the Nimbus and I think Pete Paine in the LS7 and Greg in the LS4 went round at about 96kph.

I also managed 96 kph for the 300km which I was very happy with given it was my 1st flight in the LS4, VH-IID, it was the “evaluation flight” (not test flight thanks Nigel) after the form 2, I didn’t put any water in which I was very tempted to do and it was my first flight in a single seater since I had a jaunt in the club LS4 back in about April (also the last time I flew x/country). The stretch up the scrub from Peebinga to Lindsay River was fantastic with 1 glide of 40 km for an achieved LD of 228 😎 I found the whole flight quite interesting with the cirrus slowing things down at times requiring a gear change…especially between Lindsay River and Renmark.

Back at the airfield Sam Doecke had his first 1 hour solo flight, I think Stu Cassidy had a couple of solo’s and Bill Mudge had a few instructional flights with Alannah Jones and Michael Conway while Cath Conway flew the tug for us all. Dad, Nigel Baker and John Ridge played with the ASK21 and LS4 trailers and sprayed some locusts and a fantastic day was topped off with another great meal prepared by dad.

Grant Hudson

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