Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

Saturday 2nd of Feb 08

Peter Paine, Craig Vinall, Greg Jackson, David Lawley, Phil Hollick all arrived around 8:30 ~9:00am we agreeably sorted out who was flying which glider and spent the next few hours (as we do) in preparation. Around mid day another look at the latest weather indicated a late start. Peter Robinson arrived and quickly prepared his Nimbus 2 glider and took the first launch around 1400. Followed by Craig in the Mosquito and Peter Paine in the Discus. I hesitated a few minutes to ensure they were climbing and then also took a launch in the LS7, follows by David Lawley in the LS4. Thanks to David Schenke for providing the tows in the Pawnee WGC. We had intended to do an AAT 300k 3hrs but with the late start that task seemed to have been cancelled. We found conditions going to 7 or 8 thousand and later in the day to above 10 thousand. Lift was generally good to very good 10kts. Mark Morgan and Ron Brock towed out and self launched, everyone went off looking for clouds to climb as many of the clouds had wave cloud flowing over the tops of them. One cloud I understand was like bees to a honey pot with that many gliders flying around it; all trying to climb up the sides and do some wave surfing. This was surprising because the winds were light.

Approaching some of the clouds which appeared to have recently formed I encountered 10kts + of sink it was better at times to go for the clouds just as they were fine wisps, it took me two hours of a three hour flight to work this out. Several 2 to 3 hundred kilometre flights were made all at above average speeds – Another lazy day in the sky, no stress a couple of pilots reported they had trouble keeping awake.

Sunday dawned overcast and remained for most of the day, any reason to go flying was called off at around 12:30 when we had the previous nights diner, left overs. (no red wine left over)


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