Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

SA State Comps

The SA State Comps commenced at Waikerie on Saturday 3 January with a non-compulsory practice day, which coincided with the last day of Coaching Week.

There are 9 entries – Haidyn Dunn (Pik 20), Craig Vinall (AS G29), Nigel Zimmerman (Astir), Anne Philcox (Libelle), Greg Jackson (LS-4), Terry Cubley (LS-3), Bjorn Rechinger (Discus), Peter Robinson (Nimbus 2), Andrew Horton (Mosquito). Cathy Conway is Comps Director.

Day 1, on Sunday 4 January was a 320 Km (approx) task, Waikerie – Alawoona – Taldra – Waikerie, flown in reasonable conditions. Terry Cubley won the day, with Haidyn Dunn and Bjorn Rechinger (in his first comp) third.

Day 2 on Monday 5th January was prognosed as a hot day, with light west-south west winds. It took some time for the trigger temperature to be reached, with resulted in a 3:30 pm start for a 1.5 hour AAT task Waikerie – Alawoona (25 km radius) – Maggea (15 km radius) – Waikerie. Terry Cubley again won the day (104.8Km/Hr), with Bjorn Rechinger (98.7 Km/Hr) second and Craig Vinall (96.7 Km/Hr) third.

Great to see Paul Mason, Don Kerr, Mike Brennan (flying the ASC DG1000) and Brian Rau also from ASC in his AS H26E at Waikerie enjoying some flying, along with Keith Willis in his trusty PW-5, but not in the competition.

The overall results after Day 2 1. Terry Cubley (2000), 2 Haidyn Dunn (1668), 3 Bjorn Rechinger (1666), and 4 Craig Vinall (1623).

John Hudson

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