Thursday, January 8th, 2009

SA State Comps

Day 3 of the SA State Comps was another late start – awaiting the trigger temperature for convection. The AAT task set for the day was Waikerie- Alawoona (25k radius), Notts Well (20Km radius), Kingston Winery (15 k radius) and return to Waikerie, a minimum distance of 130 Km, a scratch distance of 233 Km and a maximum distance of 339 Km.

The results of the day saw Craig Vinall (AS G29) finish in 3rd position with a handicapped speed of 97.0 Km/Hr, Nigel Zimmrmn (Astir) 2nd at 105.9 Km/Hr and Terry Cubley (LS-4) 1st at 111.5 Km/Hr.

Day 4 arrived with a strong south-southeast wind and overcast. The day was cancelled, allow pilots to rest. While some pilots flew in the windy conditions, a small group drove to Bordertown to visit the Vintage Regatta while some others visited various points of interest in the Riverland (including Banrock Station) and the remainder relaxed at the airfield – some attacking the dreaded Calthrop.

John Hudson.

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