Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Quiet on the blog, busy at Waikerie

It may seem things have been quiet, but it’s quiet only on this news page. Everyone at Waikerie has been busy flying and preparing for more flying.

Coaching Week has finished. Wednesday was a big day with great gliding weather – I was told “everyone did a 300 or 500 km flight”. Then there was the band on New Year’s Eve, apparently pretty good. Some of the stories from that week should make it to this blog.

The Coaching Week participants have been leaving while the competitors for the Multiclass are arriving. I’m impressed by the 5 visiting tugs lined up out the front, not to mention some of the shiny fibreglass…

Today was “unofficial practice day” – about 25 comp pilots took a launch, some flying a 200 km task. Tomorrow is “official practice day”. The comp starts the day after.

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