Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Performance Week Update

Wednesday 31 December 2008

Performance week has been a huge success. We have had very good weather; not hot 10,000ft days, but good 5,000 ft cu days with not more than 30 C max with close spaced reliable lift. There have been no days cancelled and all but one or two aircraft have been around each day’s task.

There is certainly a very positive atmosphere; people are learning a lot and having a good time as well. There are more than 50 people hear and over 25 gliders. The event is getting more popular each year.

Today, I had a great coaching flight with Ingo Renner. We flew in the club ASK21. In fact I think it was not only its first extended cross country flight but we also launched the glider by winch; its first winch flight in Australia. By the way, I think this glider will be excellent for cross country training. On the right day, it will be an easy glider for novice cross country pilots to fly and will be the equal of any other two seater for training purposes.

The day was blue with thermals going to 5-6,000 ft. Not only did we get around without any trouble at all, but it seemed so effortless mainly due to Ingo’s amazing thermal centering ability. It was simply a master class for me and will greatly help me. I look forward to trying to pass on some of what he taught me.

It’s New Year’s eve and the party is in full swing. We’ve already had to buy in more red wine! It will be a great evening with a few sore heads in the morning…

The weather forecast looks to be only improving for next week and so I’m looking forward to the State Comps. Hope to see you here.

Happy New Year.

Craig Vinall

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