Saturday, January 12th, 2008

Performance / Coaching Week wrap-up

Performance coaching week has wound up with another terrific dinner put on by the Hudsons – what a way to celebrate your birthday Jean. Lots of speeches of appreciation for all those that helped make the week such a great success. Thanks to David Conway for his sterling work and overall involvement in the running of the event. Bernard for his precision program and patience in flying students around in his Ash; usually with a single seat glider in lead and follow. Great to have had Ingo flying every day with various lucky pilots. I am sure they not only enjoyed the experience but gained knowledge that could not be gained in any other way.

Ingo spoke about a better understanding of thermals and the mental picture of the day’s conditions that he formulates in his mind. It’s all about setting goals and having positive attitudes.We look forward to seeing Ingo back again next year.

On one days flying we looked at what we had achieved.

  • Over 25 Cross Country Flights flying in excess of 11,000 kilometres.
  • Many 5-hour flights were achieved and at least 75% of the pilots achieved their goals for the week.
  • 1st Soaring flight for a new solo pilot of over an hour
  • 1st 50k flight
  • 2 x 200k flights
  • 5 x 300k flights
  • 9 x 500k flights
  • 4 x 750k flights
  • 1 x 860k flight with average speed of 137kph
  • 2 Diamond distance
  • 1 Diamond Height


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