Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Orange week day 3 – SA state comp day 1

Orange week day 3 –SA State gliding competition day 1
Four gliders braved the strong winds to take a launch yesterday in an effort to gain a few bonus points; they all did very well with two outlanding in the Notts Well area – all retrieves were back in time for dinner.
So for some the day (25/11/14) started early with rigging gliders. The day looked like it would be a good day soaring and it was one to remember. 8 knot average climbs in regular although sometimes difficult to locate lift to over 6000 feet. An AAT for both classes with large circles allowed enough flexibility to enable all glider types and different skill levels to compete.
Information re scores and additional information is available on the blog site. Go to our webb site and down the bottom look for ‘SA State Comps’

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