Friday, January 6th, 2012

Orange Week Day 2 – Winner’s Recollections

Day 2 (Wednesday 4th January), Winner – Craig Vinall, AS G29E

After the great weather of Monday, Tuesday was cancelled due to mid-level cloud and cooler conditions.

Wednesday presented us with strong southerlies and cooler conditions. The day was forecast to be soarable, but with maximum heights of 5000ft. An AAT task was set of 2.5 hrs from Waikerie to Pata (20km radius), to Morgan (45deg sector) and Maggea (15km radius).

We started launches at 12.30 and were achieving 4000ft so an early start was in order. Conditions to Wunkar were very promising, good pull ups and easy centring of good thermals. But towards Pata the conditions started to weaken and after turning to Morgan, did not improve until past Wunkar again. Conditions remained reasonable to Morgan but with thermals that seemed to be broken.

Turning into wind from Morgan, I only need to touch the Maggea circle and towards the last turn point, I struggled to get final glide. I dumped my water in an attempt to get a better climb rate for what I hoped would be my last thermal but struggled to find a decent climb. Every time I turned, I was being blown away from the turn point. Very frustrating.

Finally I got a climb and headed back to Waikerie, glad to be assured of reaching the airfield for a speed of 91kph and a distance of 264km. A somewhat difficult day.

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