Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Orange Week 2013: days 5 to 8

Tuesday’s results were: Peter Paine home in 3rd position, Sid Nankivell in second position with the day won by Rolf Buelter.

Day 5, Wednesday’s weather forecast was for some great gliding conditions – with the wind swinging to the north-west and temperature increasing to around 40C under cumulus. The task set for the day – Waikerie – Wunkar – Lake Culleraine – Waikerie with a large circle on Lake Culleraine. With the temperature approaching 40C early, Keith Willis in the PW-5 announced an 8kt climb through 6000 – the fleet of 11 gliders was launched. With the sky full of good looking Cu, the start gate opened at 1410 Hrs CSST.

Keith soon announced cloubase at 13200. We heard Matthew (and I believe Claire) Scutter in the area – later confirmed on OLC with another of Matthews long flights. The Orange Week fleet soon passed Wunkar, making great time to Lake Culleraine – where several entrants fell into a hole. With an approaching trough and weather change, and the fact that the day would end quickly, it was suggested that a good approach to the day was to get high and stay high. Those who adopted this approach were home easily. A few struggled in the final stages to get home, although there were no outlandings.

Hugh Champness (Beaufort GC) completed his first 300 Km flight. The results for Day 5 were: Gordon Trollip (Astir) home in 3rd position with a handicap speed of 95.3 kph, equal second were Peter Champness and Sid Nankivell. The day’s winner was Peter Buskins. The progressive leaders after Day 5 are Rolf Buelter, Peter Buskins and Gordon Trollip

Thursday, Day 6 dawned cold with a strong south-westerly wind and forecast lift to 2000. An out-and-return to Banrock Station by road was the order of the day.

Friday, Day 7 provided good flyable weather with a strong south-easterly wind an a blue sky. A self-set OLC Plus task was declared, which was won by Rolf Buelter with Sid Nankivell second and Peter Buskens third.

The final day – Saturday presented with a deepening inversion with RASP indicating climbs to around 5000 feet. A 2 hour task was set: Waikerie – Notts Well (25 Km) – Alawoona (15Km) – Pata (0.5Km beer can) – Waikerie: and the fleet launched. Most gliders struggled past Notts Well and some strayed into a “Fruit Fly” exclusion zone at Myrla. One pilot outlanded.

The winner of the day was Peter Buskins, with Rolf Buelter second and Sid Nankivell third.

And ….. another Orange Week drew to a close with the THANKYOU’s and presentation of trophies, officiated by our President, Bill Mudge.

Thanks were expressed to :

  • Peter Siddal, Greg Jackson and Kent Andrew who occupied the Tug for the week.

  • To John Ridge and Tim Bates for scoring.

  • John Ridge for Organisaton.

  • Haidyn Dunn and Bill Mudge for weather and tasking.

  • The pilots – for a great, SAFE competition.

  • To Jean and Lyn in the kitchen – who managed to get Oranges in to just about every dish.

The Orange Week Trophies were presented to:

  • Orange Week Glider Cup to Rolf Buelter. In addressing the gathering, Rolf highlighted the need for every one involved to be focussed on safety – and with a little effort by everyone, a safe competition is possible.

  • Orange Week Team Cup to Bacchus Allstars.

  • Maurie Bradney Trophy to Grag Jackson, who relinquished the LS-4 to fly the Tug.

A great week of flying and socialising.

John Hudson.

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