Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Orange Week 2013: days 1 to 4

Orange Week commenced at Waikerie on Saturday 23rd November, with 14 pilots in 13 aircraft entered. Clubs represented at Orange Week were Beaufort GC (Vic), Geelong GC (Vic), Just Soaring (Vic), and Waikerie GC.

The first day presented unstable conditions in a cold south-westerly breeze. Given the flexible tasking arrangements for Orange Week, pilots were given a 2 hour window to set their own task, with scoring using OLC. Rolf Buelter (LS8) won the day, and was presented the winners prize of one riverland orange, with Gordon Trollip (Astir) second ( presented with two oranges) and Greg Jackson (WGC) third (presented with three oranges. Thanks to Peter Siddall in theTug, the fleet was launched in 61 minutes.

Day 2 provided slightly better weather conditions and a task Notts Well, Alawoona, Kingston Bridge to Waikerie, with Rolf Buelter third, Bill Mudge second and Peter Buskens first.

The Day three task set was around 220 Km, three hour task Merribah – Morgan – Kingston Bridge – Waikerie.,The day was won by Peter Buskins, with Rolf Buelter second and Gordon Trollup third. The progressive total scores put Rolf Buelter and Peter Buskins in equal first position with Bill Mudge third.

Tuesday, Day 4 presented some high cloud which threatened to upset the day. Two tasks were set (an A and a B)., one a three hour the other a two hour task. Keith Willis launched around 1330 Hrs and climbed in weak lift until the back of the high cirrus cloud layer passedwhen conditions took off. Due to the delayed start, the B task was set, Waikerie – Copeville – Pata – Woolpunda Tower – Waikerie, with 20 Km, 15 Km and 5 Km circles respectively. It will be interesting to see the scores tomorrow.

John Hudson.

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