Monday, December 31st, 2007

One of the best days…

The year ends with one of the best days I can remember for a long time. Cu’s at 14,000 ft and 10 kts on the averager.

The task for day 3 was Waikerie – Repeater (60 km radius) – Alawoona (20km) – Peebinga (50km) – Waikerie. AAT with a 3 hour time.

There were Cu’s all along the task, so my strategy was simply to fly 100kts from cloud to cloud and find the best climbs I could. The previous day my thermal average was low; only 4.7 kts for the task. Today my aim was to improve my average significantly. I managed 5.7 kts so there is still a lot of room for improvement. But even still I managed over 130 kph for the day. 137 kph of the stick.

Graham Parker and Cath and Dave Conway achieved over 160 kph of the stick. Obviously a very significant day.

I had the most amazing final glide. 110 kms from Peebinga at rough air max of 108 kts all the way back. And I couldn’t keep it under the final glide; there was just so much lift on the way back. So fast for so long!

Day 3 of the comp and we have had 3 days over 10,000 ft. Just amazing!


Craig Vinall

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