Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Multi Class Day 6

Results Day 6

15M – Ian MCCALLUM Bathhurst SC Ventus C time of 3:05 at a speed of 159 km/h Distance 492.3km

Standard – Peter TEMPLE Adelaide SC LS8 time of 2:30 at a speed of 165.5 km/h Distance 416 km

18M – Lars ZANDER Darling Downs SC Ventus 2cx time of 2:48 at a speed of 168.2 Distance 471.6km

Open – Gerrit KURSTJENS Darling Downs SC Nimbus 4T time of 3:07 at a speed of 161.3 Distance 556.9km

Task Day 6 for 15M – 5th competition day for Standard 18M and Open

Start – Pinnaroo – Hattah – Waikerie Finish Task length: 497.3km

Start – Swan Reach – Peebinga – Lake Cullulleraine – Waikerie Finish
Task length: 425.3km

Start – Pinnaroo – Hattah – Waikerie Finish Task length: 497.3km

Start – Pinnaroo – Annuello – Carwarp – Waikerie Finish
Task length: 599.6km

Absolutely another amazing day with some of the fastest times ever recorded at an Australian Nationals competition.

The next two days were rest days for the pilots. A very blustery and hot northerly wind preceded a cool strong Southerly change. The organising committee continued on with restocking and preparations for the rest of the comp.

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