Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Multi Class Day 4

Friday 8th January 2010
Results Day 4
Open Class – David JANSEN Kingaroy SC ASG 29E 4hrs:35 at a speed of 126.5km/h Distance 580.9km

18 meter class – Lars ZEHNDER Darling Downs SC Ventus 2cx 4hrs:42 at a speed of 122.9km/h Distance 578.0km

Standard Class – Peter TROTTER Kingaroy LS 8 4hrs:11 at a speed of 123.5km/h Distance 517.8km

15 meter class – John BUCHANAN Kingaroy SC ASG 29 3hrs:55 at a speed of 129.1km/h Distance 507.2km

Task Day 4.

Open – 18 Meter

Waikerie Finish/ Start – Pinnaroo 143.8km – Lindsay River 129.0km – Mount Mary 144.5km – Wanbi 108.3km – Woolpunda 63.1km Total: 605.9km

Standard – 15 Meter

Waikerie Finish/ Start – Peebinga 116.0km – Paringa 84.2km – Mount Mary 123.4km – Wanbi 108.3km – Woolpunda 63.1km – Waikerie Finish 17.2km Total: 512.3km

Most pilots thought this was a tough day as the thermal heights and predictions were not consistent over the entire task area. Tasks today were long however most pilots achieved good speeds and the day did not finish until after 19:00.

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