Monday, January 11th, 2010

Multi Class day 2 & 3

Wednesday 6th January 2010
Results from Day 2
Open Class – Cancelled

18 meter class – Cancelled

Standard Class – Cancelled

15 meter class – Terry Cubley Adelaide SC AAT distance 318Km in a time of 3hrs:05 average speed 102.7km/h

Task Day 2.

Designated Start – Bakara – Peebinga – Overland Corner – Waikerie Finish – Task length: 166.7km/437.0km (295.3km)

The other three classes were cancelled on the grid as the temperature had not broken through early enough for us to launch. We are obligated to give all the classes a fair period of lift for the estimated time to complete the task. In the end the day did go a little longer than expected however the sea breeze effect did come through on track later in the day. A difficult day for the operations committee.

Thursday 7th January 2010
Results from Day 3
Open Class – Eric HEINONEN  Finland  ASG 29  3hrs:49 at a speed of 130.3km/h Distance 497.6km

18 meter class – Lars ZEHNDER  Darling Downs SC  Ventus 2cx 4hrs:05 at a speed of 125.4km/h Distance 512.7km

Standard Class – Michael DURRANT Geelong GC  LS 8t 3:39:26 at a speed of 121.8km/h Distance 445.6km

15 meter class – John BUCHANAN Kingaroy SC  ASG 29  3hrs:31 at a speed of 121.8km/h Distance 429.5km

Task Day 3.

Open – 18 Meter

Designated Start – Swan Reach  57.7km – Nangiloc  252.6km – Lindsay River 130.0km – Waikerie Finish  90.7km for a Total: 531.1km

Standard – 15 Meter

Swan Reach – Wentworth – Waikerie Finish Task length: 445.6km

Ok so it’s day 3 for the comp and third day 15 Meter having flow yesterday but for the majority of the fleet it is still only their second day to fly. I checked the speeds exactly the same for Standard and 15 Meter; amazing. The organisations seems to be running well, we launched the entire grid in 1hr:05

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