Monday, January 4th, 2010

Multi Class Practice Day

Monday 4th January 2010 Practice day
Official briefing held in our distinctive igloo hangar come workshop; commenced just after 9am. This is our opportunity to pass on important information to the pilots and crews. Where and how to marshal, and what are the landing options. The organizing committee appears to have past the initial shake down with only a printer problem delaying the handing out of task briefing sheets. After all practice day is for the organization, launch operations and pilots. Glider gridding, launching and tug operations all worked well with the 6 tugs doing the job in about 90 minutes. We have 53 entries and the list will be updated on the web soon.
Task: Standard Class Racing Class- Triangle 299.4 km
TP1. Sandalwood – 85.1km
TP2. Lindsay River – 123.5km
Finish. Waikerie – 90.7km

Task: Open – 18M – Triangle 344.6km
TP 1. Wanbi – 69.4km
TP2. Lake Cullulleraine – 130.4km
Finish, Waikerie – 144.8km
All the pilots are back and now busy with the simple task of uploading flight information to our remote web site You will be able to see the scores on this site at the end of each days flying at

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