Monday, February 4th, 2013

Horsham Week 2013

Well we have a strong team of Waikerie pilots at Horsham week 2013; Four gliders and one crew. Grant Hudson has joined Craig Peter and Greg. Our Solo crew member extrordinair John Ridge does everything from inspect pilots rooms to  ensure close liaison with the comps director for the latest changes to the rulest. Craig was in front after two days of competition but another look at the handicaps now places Craig in second place in the 18M class. After two days of coming second Grant is in the lead by 25 points consistancy counts. If you would like to follow the scores here is the link or go to Horsham week gliding competition web site.

It was a good days flying Sunday 3/2/13 with the RASP totally wrong predicting brown and low thermal heights all day. The day turned out to be a good Q day with 5 to 8 kts to over 7 thousand feet. We will see what day 3 brings a longer task I think maybe 400 for standard.

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