Sunday, February 5th, 2012


HORSHAM WEEK 5th February 2012

All gliders arrived safely at Horsham and were rigged and tied down by 1600. On arrival at our accommodation Cottage on Searle a traditional weather board house with Baltic pine floors and a very farm house feel to it. Just for a bit of fun and to add some random fairness (we were here to compete) it was time for a beer and a game of cards to select our pilot sleeping  accommodation.

The pre arranged traditional dinner was John Ridges Lasagne made from home grown beef and a vertical tasting of Bests Dolcetto 1988 1998 2010. Prior to that Craig produced a huge pie to be washed down with a bottle of 2004 Giaconda Chardonnay. Great start to the week.

Up around 7am on the Saturday morning with lots of details to be taken care of by the pilots. It’s mainly checking and rechecking to remember to find and take everything and then still forgetting to take computers, battery leads and sox out to the aerodrome. After briefing we find ourselves moving out to the grid around 12 noon and nervous tension is high, the old hands are acting cool. Task is a 3 hours AAT Beulah, St Arnauds and home to Horsham max distance 407k. Results for the day were up on by 2100 and we all logged our flights dutifully on OLC. Greg 2nd place Peter 6th place in Standard  – Craig 3rd place in 18M.

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