Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Happenings At Waikerie

Friday 28th December 2007. Slowly increasing maximum temperatures were predicted for the following 5 – 7 days, with todays max predicted at 39 C. The forecast for the day indicated a late start with lift to around 6000 – 7000.A few pilots set 500Km tasks and others smaller tasks.

Haidyn Dunn in his PIK 20 launched at 1220 Hrs, having set a task from Waikerie to Lake Culleraine, Notts Well, Merribah and back to Waikerie – a little over 500 Km. He completed this task, landing at 1741 Hrs. Peter Paine launched 5 minutes after Haidyn in the Club’s Discus, with the same task – also completing the flight landing at 1905 Hrs. This was Pete’s first 500 k flight.

Dion Baker in the 40 year old Diamant flew to Loxton and return, Keith Willis in the PW5 flew for another 3 Hrs 58 minutes.A total for the day of 27 flights.

The Japanese Members provided a delicious evening meal, enjoyed with a few beers and a sample of Sake.

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