Monday, July 27th, 2009

Good Weekend

Saturday 25th July presented with a cold northerly breeze. The gliders were prepared with several pilots eager to fly. Bill Mudge was the rostered Instructor and John Hudson in the Tug and runway 26 the elected runway. Slowly the temperatire increased – 16 degrees and 400 Ft, 17 degrees and 5000 Ft.

After a delay in getting started – battery U/S in the Tug – activities got underway. The first flight was the third flight for new member Bradley McKay, who joined the Club in June. Welcome to the Club Bradley – he has a burning ambition of a career in aviation – and the way he is progressing – he seems sure to succeed. The picture shows Bradley and Bill Mudge in the AS K21 about to take off.

Phill Hollick had his annual checkflight before the singles took off – Peter Paine in the Discus, Peter Robinson in his Nimbus, Craig Vinall in his AS G29, John Ridge in the Astir KYS and David Lawley in the LS-4. Grant Hudson had a training session on aerotows before Bradley had a lengthy thermal flight with Bill in the AS K21. Heights to around 6000 were achieved, with Peter Paine enjoying a flight of around 3 hours.

Bronte Woods ( a past RTO-Airworthiness) visited the Club on Saturday and renewed acquaintances.

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