Saturday, January 5th, 2008

Final scores

The scores have been finalised: congrats Graham Parker. There are more detailed scores and some photos from the comp.

Peter Paine won the David Bond trophy for showing the greatest determination and most meritorious effort. It was his first comp and he was mixing it with some pretty experienced comp pilots.

Place Pilot Points
1 Graham Parker 4842.6
2 Hayden Dunn 4606.5
3 David Pietsch 4560.4
4 David and Catherine Conway 4494.4
5 Craig Vinall 4086.6
6 Gavin Wrigley 3848.8
7 Nigel Zimmerman 3820.1
8 Andrew Horton 2942.2
9 Peter Paine 2778.0
10 Phil Hollick 2554.3

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