Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Everything Aeronautical

Dinner Saturday evening

Dinner Saturday evening

Everything Aeronautical was staged at Waikerie during the weekend 25th and 26th October – unfortunately with a weather forecast which did not excite a lot of people – 39 degrees and strong northerly winds. Fortunately the weather was not as severe as forecast, either in terms of temperature or wind strength.

The Sport Aircraft Club (SAC) of SA annual visit to Waikerie coincided with the weekend – and a number of aircraft owned by SAC members arrived as did a group of aeromodellers, including John Copeland from Waikerie, a group from Mildura and Paul Clift from ASC. Leigh Bunting from the Balaklava Club arrived with his Grunau Baby and Allen Hudson’s AS W20 made its first public appearance with the running of the jet engines. Other visitors included Frank and Julie-Anne Johann, Andrew Wright (thanks for your help Andrew) and Bailey Roberts.

Several visitors took the opportunity to fly in a glider. A small “task” was set for 4 SAC crews to tackle, without altimeters and carrying data loggers. The logger traces were reviewed during dinner. Jean and Marie Hudson provided a 3 course dinner for around 70 people on Saturday evening, during which Phill Hollick conducted the “Aviation Quiz” and Peter Robinson reviewed the flights earlier in the day on the logger traces.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, some SAC pilots took the opportunity for some formation flying and local flights, while some others used the opportunity for a glider flight in the Duo-Discus – including Ted King and Ed Herring. Leigh Bunting flew firstly with Dion Baker in the WGC AS K21 doing aerobatics and inverted flying before flying with Richard Geytenbeck demonstrating rolls.

More photos are in the album

Despite the weather there was a good rollup. It is planned to stage the next “Everything Aeronautical” during the weekend 24 25 October, 2009.

John Hudson

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