Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Day 5 (take 2, flown)

Weather looked much more promising: with a blue sky, much better heating was expected, and bigger task was set. 3 hour AAT, Waikerie – Meribah (20 km circle) – Lake Cullulleraine (20 km circle) – Loxton (10 km circle) – Waikerie. Min distance 270km, point to point 337 km, max distance 412 km.

Launching was complete about 2pm. With all gliders in the air, the day’s instructor, Bill Mudge, pulled out the club’s LS-7 and followed the comp pilots into the sky. He came back with a big smile, having completed the task at about 100 kph.

Everyone completed the task, coming back with stories about climbs to 9000 feet and the best flying day of the comp. Official scores aren’t to hand yet – they will be here when they are. The ranking probably won’t differ too much from that after day 4, though.

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