Topic: Weekend Flying

Another Busy Weekend at Waikerie

The past weekend had the makings of being busy – Nigel was to clean out his “old” hangar and move into the new, Dion anticipated a group of friends on motor bikes and our students anticipated flying. The weekemd turned out to be flat out. With Cath Conway instructing on Saturday with Pete Siddal in the tug, the day “ran out of daylight”. During the day, 3 french visitors visited the Club, each taking an AEF. A large group enjoyed Jean’s provision in the evening – over a few reds.

Its been a long time since we have had so many students on the airfield together (Michael, Jarred, Stuart, Alannah & Ben on Saturday). On Sunday, Nigel Instructed (and I towed), again to a full house, with a similar number of students (Jarred, Stuart, Alannah, Ben, Matt).

John Hudson

Great weekend and AGM

There was another great weekend at Waikerie.

Saturday saw some good flying before the Clubs AGM. Several pilots were “away” for a few hours, under Cu with climbs to around 6000.

The highlight of the day however was the first “in-command” flight by Bradley McKay. After a few flights with Bill Mudge – it happened. Congratulations to Bradley on this milestone in his flying career – he had a smile when he landed that you couldn’t walk around. Well done Brad.

On Sunday, Matt Morgan went solo. Well done Matt! It was a good one.

It was good to see Graham Parker during Saturday afternoon: he flew in from Gawler in his AS G29.

Saturday’s flying finished early because of the Club’s AGM.

A separate report in Club forums will provide information and detail for members.

I thank those members who have contributed to the operations of the Club in the past 12 months – in particular to those who actively contributed to the Multi-class competition a big THANKYOU.

A new Committee was elected;

President John Hudson
V/President Peter Robinson
Secretary John Ridge
Treasurer Craig Vinall
Committee Greg Jackson
Peter Paine
Aiden Baker
Dion Baker

I thank Allen Hudson for his efforts and commitment to the Committee over the past several years and I welcome Dion to the Committee.

On behalf of the members, I extend special thanks to the Committee for their efforts and ongoing support over the past year.

I also thank the membership of the Club for re-electing me as President of the Club for another year and  for the show of support at the direction we are taking.

There are always tasks which would benefit from the effort of members – the benefits to the Club and to individual members is great and personally rewarding. I encourage every member to get actively involved – and if you need help to select a task, talk to me – I’ll gladly assist.

Again thanks for the opportunity presented – I’ll endeavour give my best.

John Hudson

View from 7,500ft on Saturday

Saturday started off with Alto Cu forming to the North with no sign of any ground based Cu. Around midday some beautiful wave clouds formed underneath the Alto Cu as a result of an Easterly wind on the ground and a North Westerly up top causing shear wave.

It only took another 1 hour for the two air streams to mix and the Alto Cu to connect to the ground at which point the temperature had reached trigger point and we were launching. 6 to 8kt climbs were available to Cloud base (7,500ft) and I spent some time trying to find a climb up the side of the cloud without wanting to dump my water.

Interestingly the climbs were on the downwind side under the Cu which makes sense given the mixing of the two air streams. Pete Paine, Craig and I blasted around under the cloud streets until we got separated and then did our own thing.

View from cloudbase

As the day went on the sky overdeveloped and as Craig was landing I had a long glide from 7,500ft  down to 2500ft in still air back into a sunny patch, thinking that the day maybe finished when things started to bubble again finding a 4kt thermal which quickly turned into 9.6kts all the way to cloud base. A line of cloud then formed from Waikerie to Blanchetown. I had dumped all my water just prior to this thermal which was ideal to see if there was any thermal wave in front of the cloud. I found myself half way up the side of the cloud at 8,500ft using the momentum from the 9.6kts as I approached the base of the cloud. I found 1 kt as I ridge soared the cloud for around 10mins which basically maintained my height as I flew up and down the North Western edge.

The cloud street to Blanchetown drew me away and I zoomed off to Blanchetown at 100kts without turning then back along to Notts Well then Maggea and home.

It was well worth hanging on at 2500ft instead of heading for home and landing as this last part of the flight was most enjoyable and very relaxing. 340kms for the day flying under cloud streets and only going below 5,500ft once.

Peter Robinson, 13 March 2010

13 March 2010.

Favourable weather was forecast again for Saturday 13th March. On Friday 12th, Mark (Morgan), Ron (Brock) and Allen (Hudson) went flying in good conditions under Cu to the north of Waikerie. During Saturday, the Cu again developed and progressively spread from the north of Waikerie to the west and south, providing good conditions to 6000-7000 Ft – but with a late start.

Two of the Club’s three new students – Matt Morgan and Sam Doecke were keen to get flying. Bill Mudge and Mark Morgan were the Instructors for the day. With check-flights for Peter Paine and David Lawley done – Matt and Sam got to fly before Craig (Vinall), Peter (Robinson) , David (Lawley) and Peter (Paine) all got airborne.

Later in the day, Hiro Yamada arrived, and after a check-flight with Mark Morgan in the Nimbus, Hiro also took off cross-country.

On Sunday, a high Cirrus delayed warming but provided excellent conditions for a couple of AEF’s for a father and son from Adelaide.

John Hudson

Saturday 12 Dec 09

During December a cross country coaching week was held at Waikerie. The weather did not co-operate, as usual, but some good flying was had regardless.

Saturday dawned with a cool southerly, and low cumulus, with a base of 4200ft. Peter Robinson and Craig Vinall set a 203km task, WGC – Bakara – Pata – Overland Corner – WGC.

Peter Paine (LS7), Nigel Zimmermann (Discus) and myself (LS4) set off about the same time. We worked lift under scrappy Cu to 3600 for the first half hour on track to Bakara, at which point the sky blued out. I fell a bit behind the others, but arrived at Bakara at around the same time, setting the pattern for my day!

We set off towards Pata into the blue. 10km East of Bakara I found the best thermal of the day so far, reaching 4800ft at 4-5kt average. Peter Paine joined me and thanked me for the thermal!

There were very strong and narrow cores embedded in the patches of lift, which proved difficult to centre, one had to time entry perfectly and  bank very steeply to stay in the best lift. I was cruising with Pete Paine and Nigel most of the way but somewhere along the line Pete found a better thermal and slipped away.

Turning Pata it was decision time, should I cut through the Loxton irrigation area, or divert around it to cross the river further west? After attempting the direct route, sink ensured I was soon back over the paddocks to the east of Moorook and climbing.

I spotted Nigel in the Discus low but circling near the Overland Corner turnpoint, and pointed the LS4 at his thermal. Arriving about 300ft above him I was surprised to find only broken weak lift, so I clipped the turnpoint sector and headed off towards Waikerie. Nige later told me he was drifting with the weak lift into the turnpoint.

A couple of kilometers further on a patch of stronger lift was encountered. After a couple of minutes I spotted Nigel thermalling a couple of kilometers away, and above me – damn how did he manage that! Once final glide was achieved, I set off to return to Waikerie, arriving about 3 minutes behind Nigel.

All in all it was we all agreed a great fun flight, working together at times and separately at others, to get around on a marginal day.

Peter Paine managed 78 km/h, Nigel about 72 and myself 70.8. The difference was just one good thermal that Painey found and Nigel and I missed. (where was the radio call Pete eh?)

Dave L