Topic: State Comp 2012/13

A Blue 1000 kilometres out of Waikerie

You know there are certain days in your life when you witness memorable events and today was one of those days. The predictions all week were for a good day Friday 4/1/13. The SA State comp finished the day before on the Thursday  with a closely contested competition an exciting last day. Many of the pilots and unfortunate helpers then derigged the gliders and the heat late in the day was intense but they all were gearing up for the road trip to the Benalla  to fly at the 51st Multiclass National Gliding Championships and the so the dedication and determination is already showing through, it should be a great comp and lets hope this great weather sticks around. I would have possibly opted for a repositioning flight to Benalla but nobody was able to achieve that goal this year all pilots deciding to drive. Haidyn Dunn did manage to fly to Benalla last year in his Nimbus2 which was a great effort.

Now how about this for a statistic, Thursday Day7 the Japanese syndicate in the Duo Discus won the Club class day and were again in the air early today and did around 400 kilometres; when due to the heat (45 degrees on the ground) they needed to come back to the field.

Grant Hudson who won the Standard class day yesterday was again in the air early and did 800 kilometres in this LS4.

Craig who won the open/18M class task yesterday was again in the air at 11:02am this morning and set a 750kl task but with some small encouragement ended up with a 1000 kilometres (completed on a completely blue day with not a single Q in the sky) Landing at 8:30pm.

Lots of congratulations and a Rockford Cabernet with dinner topped off the day.

South Australian state competition Day 7

Well the results were read out by the comps director John Hudson at the presentation dinner. The winners and scores were kept under wraps until after dinner and the excitement and anxiety rose as the evening came to its climax.

The winners are Terry Cubley Open Class, Matthew Scutter Standard Class and Greg Jackson Club Class. Some notable items are worth a mention; Grant Hudson won the day in Standard class in his LS4 at an amazing 118 kph, Wki Peebinga Taplan East Lake Cullulleraine Wki triangle. Open did the same task but it was a 3 hour AAT won by Craig Vinall. Club class task was Peebinga Lindsay River Wki as a 3 hour AAT.

Many complimentary comments have been received in regard to the accuracy of the weather predictions and the equally challenging tasks so well done to Peter Robertson and Craig Vinall  and the assistance they had each day  from the pilot input. The scoring system at this state comp was very professionaly done: John Ridge would coordinate with the scorer each day. Mandy & Peter Temple have putting together a good looking SAGA site that will be used by future state competition organisers. Thanks to the Waikerie organising committee and we look forward to the Club Class Nationals at Waikerie next year; starting on the 1st of January 2014 with a practise day.

South Australian state competition Day 6

I think variable heating of the ground over the task area provided a very challenging day. With good climbs for some lucky pilots to 6 thousand feet. Greg Jackson outlanding in club class after 5 perfect days pushing the envelope to see if a reasonable distance could be achieved. Pre dinner nibbles were snaped up and I missed out. Much heated debate ensued around the bar after racing in regard to turn points and moving the coordinate locations to suit the task, which is not actually correct but combine that with moving maps discussion and it was terrific fun to listen too. An AAT of 2.5 hours Wki, Galga, Kingston Winery, Alwoona, Wki

Many of the flights are also being logged on the OLC. Good work guys and gal.

South Australian state comp Day 5

AAT of 2 hours as the wind was expected to increase in strength during the afternoon.  Intrepid day for me as the return leg is over Renmark and the lakes area. Waikerie Meribah, Renmark,Wki. Standard class left last and were able to pick up the best part of the day. Matthew Scutter won the day with a terrific flight passing Meribah and running the scrub line on both return legs, brilliant….. The thermals were difficult to work as they appeared to be elongated and lift was not consistant around the turn. Good lift on one side and sink on the other. Very few outlandings for this comp so the task setters appear to be getting it right for this level of competition.

South Australian state competition Day 4

Day four straight; so fatigue could be setting in. Most pilots are aware new years day is a comp flying day so had a quiet and early night. Jean provided a lovely roast beef with all the trimmings for dinner. AAT 2.5 hour task Meribah, Galga, Overland corner, Wki provided an interesting day with a few good climbs on the first leg and a slightly slower into wind leg conditions were a little soft around Galga but improved on the way to Overland clorner. A few standard class gliders managed over 100 kph once again. Open class is proving to be a close comp and Greg won again in Club Class with 85.3kph. Check out the flights on Soaring spot