Topic: State Comp 2010

A busy summer

Not much to see on this blog, but the last few weeks have been busy at Waikerie.

In November the 2010 SA State Comps were held. The weather was great, a good time was had by all.

Then Joeyglide, the Australian Juniors championship, came to Waikerie. They had more flying days in the week than ever before. Come again, fellas.

After Christmas came coaching week, with pilots with a wide range of skill levels coming to learn and practice. Several of our Japanese club members flew with us during this week and the next one.

State comp pilotsThen came the 2011 SA State Comp. The weather wasn’t too cooperative, with maximum heights around 4000 feet: however the pilots still went out and flew the tasks. They were rewarded on Friday 7 January with a hot, high day. There were reports of 11 and 12,000 feet on task, with speeds to match. John Buchanan attempted a 300 km speed record: don’t know the result of that yet.

Summer isn’t over, the club now returns to its usual flying on weekends.

2010 SA State Comps – Day 5

November 21, day 5 and the weather looked to be even better than day 4 with thermal heights of 11000′ under cumulus predicted. Due to it being the last day of the competition a modest AAT with large circles was set WKI – Meribah (40km circle) – Wentworth (40 km circle) – WKI.

Danny Kilgariff self launched in his Ventus2CM about 1130 am to fly home to Tailem Bend via Lameroo and provided condition reports that early on weren’t very promising. Terry Cubley in the LS3 eventually took a launch at about 1345 and the rest of the fleet launched straight away with climbs locally to about 8000′ which enabled everyone to reach the cu that had been advancing from the SE and reach heights before the start of 11000′.

Everyone had a great time under the cu’s with very strong climbs of up to 12kts reported. Preliminary results for the day were:

1st Terry Cubley 415.8 km @ 131 kph
2nd Peter Temple 366.9 km @ 122 kph
3rd Grant Hudson 388.8 km @ 117kph

Craig managed 374km @ 121 kph but had a 150 point penalty for just missing the start circle.

These scores resulted in final positions for the 2010 SAGA State Championships of

1st Terry Cubley from ASC with 4924 points (out of a possible 5000 points!)
2nd Peter Temple from ASC with 4620 points
3rd Craig Vinall from WGC with 4050 points.

A great comp and we only have to wait about 5 weeks for the 2011 comps also at Waikerie.

Grant Hudson

2010 SA State Comps – Day 4

Saturday 20th November – Day 4

The forecast for Day 5 was considerably improved over the previous days, particularly to the west of Waikerie, with Cu expected along the Flinders Ranges and thermals to around 10,000 Ft.


A speed task was set, from Waikerie to Farrell Flat (near Clare), Peterbourough, Spalding and return to Waikerie, a total distance of 428 km.


After the first launch at 1206 Hrs the Start Gate opened at 1332 Hrs.

The run to Farrell Flat was relatively slow, but Cu on the ranges ensured heights and speeds picked up on the run to Peterborough and back to Spalding. Terry Cubley landed at 1733 Hrs followed by Peter Temple at 1743 Hrs and Craig Vinall at 1746 Hrs.


Pilot reports of hi climb rates under Cu – 11-12 kts – to around 10,000 Ft and long glides under the Cu providing some good speeds.


The overall position after Day 4 put pilots in the following order;

          Terry Cubley          3919

          Peter Temple          3757

          Craig Vinall           3344

          Grant Hudson          3103

          Mathew Scutter          2436

          Greg Jackson          2131

          Peter Paine            2076

2010 SA State Comps – day 3

Friday 19th November

The weather improved significantly overnight – from a full cloud cover on Day 3 to “blue” conditions on Day 4, with a forecast max temp of 25 with light south-easterly winds.

The task set for the day – Waikerie – Merribah (30 km circle), Lake Culleraine (40 km circle) – Waikerie Finish, providing a minimum distance of 218 km, a point-to-point distance of 323 Km and a max distance of 436 Km.

Conditions on the task were not up to the forecast, with scrappy thermals topping at lower than predicted levels of around 4500 Ft.

Peter Temple won the day, flying 323 km at a speed of 87.1 km/hr. Second was Terry Cubley who flew 320 km at 84.5 km/hr and Craig Vinall at 294 km at 81.3 km/hr.

John Hudson

2010 SA State Comps – Day 2

2010 State Comps – Thursday 18th November


The weather forecast for Thursday was gloomy – with a bank of rain-cloud on the south-western horizon at daybreak and a prediction of rain (which is lately more commonly seen in Queensland).


At the 10.00 am Briefing, it was agreed to meet again at 11.30.

At 11.30, with some blue holes appearing in the cloud cover, it was agreed to get ready. The task, a 2 hour AAT from Waikerie to Wunkar (20 km circle), Overland Corner (15 km circle), Lock 2 (15 km circle), Woolpunda (5 km circle) and return to Waikerie.


Peter Temple sampled the sky launching at around 12.30 – finding 5 kts to around 3000 Ft – the remainder of the fleet was launched. The Start gate was opened just prior to 14.00 hrs, with rain showers obvious on the south-western horizon.


Some pilots flew to Wunkar while other just entered the circle. The cloud base lifted as further holes appeared in the cloud. At around 1500 hrs, the surface wind increased to around 20 kts from the south-west.

Two gliders landed out close to Waikerie.


Day 2 Preliminary scores

          1. Terry Cubley          86.0 km/hr

          2. Peter Temple          76.3 km/hr

          3. Craig Vinall          67.6 km/hr