Topic: State Comp 2008/09

Day 5 (take 2, flown)

Weather looked much more promising: with a blue sky, much better heating was expected, and bigger task was set. 3 hour AAT, Waikerie – Meribah (20 km circle) – Lake Cullulleraine (20 km circle) – Loxton (10 km circle) – Waikerie. Min distance 270km, point to point 337 km, max distance 412 km.

Launching was complete about 2pm. With all gliders in the air, the day’s instructor, Bill Mudge, pulled out the club’s LS-7 and followed the comp pilots into the sky. He came back with a big smile, having completed the task at about 100 kph.

Everyone completed the task, coming back with stories about climbs to 9000 feet and the best flying day of the comp. Official scores aren’t to hand yet – they will be here when they are. The ranking probably won’t differ too much from that after day 4, though.

Day 5 (take 1, canned)

Friday 9 Jan 09 – a task was briefed, but when it was time to grid, the sky was overcast and it was cooler than wanted. The task was scrubbed. A few people flew anyway: Pete Paine went around the task, and Dion Baker flew a 50km to Loxton and back. As the overcast thinned and thickened, thermals improved and worsened.

The photo shows Dion getting ready before his flight. He says he came back from Loxton very carefully at best glide speed… good effort on a day when many decided not to fly.

Scores after day 4

There’s been some difficulty with scoring, but here are the results after four flying days:

Aggregate scores up to end 8 Jan 09:
Terry Cubley 4000
Haidyn Dunn 3203
Bjorn Rechinger 3179
Nigel Zimmerman 2848
Andrew Horton 2829
Greg Jackson 2759
Craig Vinall 2735
Pete Robbo 2688
Anne Philcox 2193
Day 4 scores, 8 Jan 09
Terry Cubley 1000
Andrew Horton 870
Nigel Zimmerman 863.5
Haidyn Dunn 861.9
Bjorn Rechinger 846.9
Pete Robbo 799.6
Greg Jackson 778.6
Anne Philcox 617.6
Craig Vinall 371

Craig was first home yesterday, a band of cirrus got him and he had to use his motor. Today there’s light cirrus early on, so it’s something to watch.

They’re expecting a late start today, with thermals up to 5000 although starting late, and light winds. It’s a 2 hour AAT task, with distances of 90 to 234 km. Waikerie – Notts Well tower – Loxton wheat bunker – Waikerie.

SA State Comps

Day 3 of the SA State Comps was another late start – awaiting the trigger temperature for convection. The AAT task set for the day was Waikerie- Alawoona (25k radius), Notts Well (20Km radius), Kingston Winery (15 k radius) and return to Waikerie, a minimum distance of 130 Km, a scratch distance of 233 Km and a maximum distance of 339 Km.

The results of the day saw Craig Vinall (AS G29) finish in 3rd position with a handicapped speed of 97.0 Km/Hr, Nigel Zimmrmn (Astir) 2nd at 105.9 Km/Hr and Terry Cubley (LS-4) 1st at 111.5 Km/Hr.

Day 4 arrived with a strong south-southeast wind and overcast. The day was cancelled, allow pilots to rest. While some pilots flew in the windy conditions, a small group drove to Bordertown to visit the Vintage Regatta while some others visited various points of interest in the Riverland (including Banrock Station) and the remainder relaxed at the airfield – some attacking the dreaded Calthrop.

John Hudson.

SA State Comps

The SA State Comps commenced at Waikerie on Saturday 3 January with a non-compulsory practice day, which coincided with the last day of Coaching Week.

There are 9 entries – Haidyn Dunn (Pik 20), Craig Vinall (AS G29), Nigel Zimmerman (Astir), Anne Philcox (Libelle), Greg Jackson (LS-4), Terry Cubley (LS-3), Bjorn Rechinger (Discus), Peter Robinson (Nimbus 2), Andrew Horton (Mosquito). Cathy Conway is Comps Director.

Day 1, on Sunday 4 January was a 320 Km (approx) task, Waikerie – Alawoona – Taldra – Waikerie, flown in reasonable conditions. Terry Cubley won the day, with Haidyn Dunn and Bjorn Rechinger (in his first comp) third.

Day 2 on Monday 5th January was prognosed as a hot day, with light west-south west winds. It took some time for the trigger temperature to be reached, with resulted in a 3:30 pm start for a 1.5 hour AAT task Waikerie – Alawoona (25 km radius) – Maggea (15 km radius) – Waikerie. Terry Cubley again won the day (104.8Km/Hr), with Bjorn Rechinger (98.7 Km/Hr) second and Craig Vinall (96.7 Km/Hr) third.

Great to see Paul Mason, Don Kerr, Mike Brennan (flying the ASC DG1000) and Brian Rau also from ASC in his AS H26E at Waikerie enjoying some flying, along with Keith Willis in his trusty PW-5, but not in the competition.

The overall results after Day 2 1. Terry Cubley (2000), 2 Haidyn Dunn (1668), 3 Bjorn Rechinger (1666), and 4 Craig Vinall (1623).

John Hudson