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Orange Week 2014

This news item comes at the completion of another well organised and fun Orange week. As a bonus the SA state comps were at the last moment moved from Bordertown to Waikerie, but we had enough entrants to make a success of both events.
Unfortunately all but the teams trophy went to interstate visitors. The Waikerie Willies had a last gasp resurgence thanks to Peter Paine and won by the slimmest of margin over the Beaufort Buritos.
At the presentations many thanks were handed out by the President of the Waikerie Gliding Club Bill (William) Mudge. The Hudsons won the meritorious Maurie Bradney Trophy: which is the prized Orange week trophy this is one we all want to win because it is won not on your gliding performance but on your overall contribution to the event; now that can be just simply keeping us all entertained or doing something amazingly silly and finding a way of justifying it. It really is fun fun fun.
Anyway Stev Jinks is the crown in our thorn and took home two trophies the main one is for SA State Comp Club Class well done Jinksy. The SA state comp winner in the 18 Metre Class was won by Terry Cubley.
John Orton from WA on an amazing 6.75 points easily won the Orange Week title and will take the trophy back to WA .
I think the reason the trophies are so big is to ensure the winners bring them back in person next year as the cost of freight would outweigh the fun and pleasure of bringing it back. Congratulations Steve, Terry and John.
The Day after Orange week finished expectations were high for some huge flights, John Orton launched just after 10:45am into nothing much in the way of lift above 1500 ft but managed to stay aloft for 20 minutes as the day slowly got going. 16 Launches for the day and XC aimed to fly down to Bordertown. Must follow up to see how Adam Howell went.
The following link is to scores and other info regarding the State Comp should you wish to have a quick look.

The Oranges are mounting up

It’s hard to imagine but; looks like all the trophies will be going interstate this year. We are into our last day of the competition and our visitors have out competed us on every front. We will need to lift our game next year. Most pilots flew yesterday which promised a better day than Wednesday. A few 5500ft climbs were achieved later in the day and closer to the Vic boarder. The LS4 did not fly the wheel collapsed after landing and was undergoing repairs by the clubs guru on all gliders Mark Morgan. Thanks to Marks efforts yesterday a test flight was achieved and we will be back in the air again today. Slightly different task direction today; west towards the hills. Forcast is for reasonable conditions with climbs to around 6000ft.AAT 3hrs Galga The Gums Renmark

High Cloud

After yesterday’s great flying hopes were high — at 6:30am sunshine and blue sky at 8:30 am the sky is covered with high cirrus and it is cold. A task has been set 3 hours for both club and 18m. Cooler day with an early finish time expected; so need to be home by 5.

Orange week day 3 – SA state comp day 1

Orange week day 3 –SA State gliding competition day 1
Four gliders braved the strong winds to take a launch yesterday in an effort to gain a few bonus points; they all did very well with two outlanding in the Notts Well area – all retrieves were back in time for dinner.
So for some the day (25/11/14) started early with rigging gliders. The day looked like it would be a good day soaring and it was one to remember. 8 knot average climbs in regular although sometimes difficult to locate lift to over 6000 feet. An AAT for both classes with large circles allowed enough flexibility to enable all glider types and different skill levels to compete.
Information re scores and additional information is available on the blog site. Go to our webb site and down the bottom look for ‘SA State Comps’

It comes down to the weather

Day 2 was cancelled due to the unexpected appearance of a huge band of high cloud cutting off heating and convection. Jinks kept us entertained till late in the evening after another fantastic meal from Jean Hudson.
Day 3 State comp no contest day. We have just finished briefing and with a few drops of rain and strong winds nobody is that keen to fly however the organisers of Orange week have set us a challenge; take a greater than 15 minute flight and gain some bonus points. We will wait and see if the scores have changed by the end of the day.